Our work areas

Strategy, planning, and foresight

︎︎︎ landscape and sector analysis
︎︎︎ stakeholder and audience understanding
︎︎︎ foundational research reports
︎︎︎ internal culture and risk analysis
︎︎︎ platform assessment and gap analysis

Storyfinding, content, and creative exploration

︎︎︎ knowledge translation
︎︎︎ storyfinding
︎︎︎ brand articulation and redefinition
︎︎︎ story planning, writing, editing
︎︎︎ field research and reporting

︎︎︎ design fiction prototyping

Publishing and production

︎︎︎ from concept to launch and end product
︎︎︎ publishing strategy
︎︎︎ print design and production
︎︎︎ web design 
︎︎︎ archival platforms
︎︎︎ ongoing publishing support and execution