While No Media typically employs a hydrid mix of approaches and expertise fields, our projects roughly divide into these four main work areas:

1. Strategy and foresight

Through research, rigorous analysis, and creative thinking, we help organizations better plan for the implications of future transformation and assume a role of leadership within their sector, in times of constantly shifting challenges.

Our clients ask us to help them paint a true and critical picture of their current and longer-term operating reality, both inside and outside the organization—whether that means garnering specific insights about their audience, internal culture, and evolving business context, or taking a broader, full-spectrum approach to strategy.

Often this means unlocking and articulating an organization’s unique internal expertise and connecting it with the people who need to hear it. To do this effectively, we map the public conversation surrounding your knowledge area at relevant scale (from global to hyperlocal), understanding stakeholders, strategies, platforms, gaps, barriers, and opportunities.

We also handle user and stakeholder research on a human level — understanding motivation as a nuanced and lived concept, not a simple matter of personas and demographics. We help you understand their existing level of trust and engagement, and what the ways are in which they can be reached, not just for communication but for interaction and genuine mobilization.

︎︎︎ landscape and sector analysis
︎︎︎ stakeholder analysis and audience understanding
︎︎︎ foundational research reports
︎︎︎ internal culture and risk analysis
︎︎︎ platform assessment and gap analysis

2. Storyfinding, content, and creative exploration

We identify and articulate the story of what an organization actually does, who it does it for, how it does it well, and how it can do it better.

We translate often complex research or niche expertise, or highly specific sector knowledge, into clear, accurate, and memorable communications, whether it’s for the general public, clients and partners, impacted communities, industry, funders, or policy stakeholders.

We dig deep into the research and bring together internal stakeholders, experts, and knowledge keepers. We identify the clearest and most compelling narratives embedded within their work, communicated and shared without compromising the integrity of its core.

While this work is often for public facing purposes, we also apply creative approaches to strategic research and foresight. Using practices such as speculative design and design fiction to translate current knowledge into deep engagement with future implications, we help today’s teams better incorporate discussions about the ramifications, seen and unseen, of their ongoing work into everyday decision-making. We also identify received wisdoms and assumptions within an organization or team that can be challenged and questioned through careful deployment of engaging content and materials.

︎︎︎ knowledge translation
︎︎︎ storyfinding
︎︎︎ brand articulation and redefinition
︎︎︎ field research and reporting

3. Co-creation and making things

We work with individuals and organizations in bringing narrative, brand, research-driven, documentary, and other creative projects to life, adopting an intensely collaborative approach whether the end result is in print, digital, or film/video.

We’ve conceptualized and co-written books intended to illuminate the work of practitioners from the worlds of art, design, and ethnographic research; launched new magazines and online editorial platforms; and helped clients refine their approach to producing newsletters, podcasts, and other media. If, as a company, we like to stay purposefully small, it’s because we enjoy getting our hands dirty making things. We build and enhance media properties and teams, setting them up for success over the long-term, backed by ongoing strategic and editorial support.

We help our partners find the story they have to tell and that audiences will want to experience, and create at a high standard of originality and quality.

︎︎︎ long and short-form cross-platform content production, from magazines and bespoke editorial packages to newsletters, podcasts, and video
︎︎︎ end-to-end book publishing support, from concept and writing to design and final production
︎︎︎ ground-up platform creation and implementation
︎︎︎ cross-channel content playbooks and implementation strategy