No Media Co. is the research and creative studio of Chris Frey and Patrick Pittman. We partner with an international roster of clients in areas ranging from strategy and sensemaking to editorial and documentary work, as well as producing our own media projects.

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—internal editorial project for X, Alphabet’s R&D “moonshot factory”, commissioned to help its teams engaged in building transformative new technologies think more critically about the human implications of their work as they peek over the horizon.


—in collaboration with our friends at the Near Future Laboratory, we were tasked with creating a design fiction prototype to help the product, research, and engineering teams at Motional, Hyundai’s Boston-based autonomous vehicle joint venture, imagine their way into the implications of a future where AV transportation is ubiquitous.

The result was a fictional, 72-page automotive association magazine full of articles, ads, and other visuals that explore what happens when technological transformations meet the lived, human world head on. (Yes, we actually printed the thing.)

In addition to producing our own independent media projects, No Media helps an international roster of partners and clients better understand and communicate their place, purpose, and opportunities amidst the uncertainties of their immediate contexts and the broader world.

Our focus isn't just on how things work in major Western cities, but lived realities and complex systems across the globe. We’re driven to understand peoples and the cultures and systems that sustain them, from infrastructure and markets to public institutions, helping to make better sense of a world gripped by transformational change.

Most of our engagements entail a hybrid mix of approaches and expertise areas, but largely involve some combination of research, sense-making, and strategy with editorial and creative work across a variety of mediums, from print and digital to film/video.

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